my cousin asked me what my favorite season was and i said “of what” and i just

it’s frightening how long it took me to figure out what was wrong with that response

sometimes it scares me
how much i think about going out for a walk
and never coming home
how willing i am
to leave everything i have
and everyone i know 

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When your parents walk into your room for no reason and stand there looking at you




When Barack Obama makes a joke:

When Mitt Romney makes a joke:

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  • mom: what do you even DO on the internet?
  • me: i have no idea
Messaging someone
  • Them: Doesn't reply
  • Me: I regret this
  • Me: I regret everything
  • Me: I regret my whole life
  • Me: I regret every tiny atom from every star from every corner of the galaxy that crash-landed on this earth and created the prehistoric aquatic organism that was my first multicellular ancestor


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i wanna get an education but i dont wanna wake up early and do homework u feel me

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